About Us

İkikız was founded in 2012; built on the idea that should be different from their competitors in terms of quality, style, design and product value in home textile. From the bedroom to the bathroom, from the kitchen to the home office, from the garden to the house entrance, Ikikiz, who has designed all the things you need and dreamed for you in this house, wants to welcome you on this platform.

Our Passion

We know that; Your home is a refuge for you ...
You play games, you eat
You work, sleep
Dreams you see.
In short, your LIVING AREA.
By touching with our products
To every bit of your house
Making your living space is more comfortable and
An area that can be enjoyed with pleasure
Is our greatest passion.

We are designing

When designing our products; We are very pleased and honored to do this business. The final products that are made with collaborations of our designers with our professional infrastructure partners has ergonomic and visual feast features and does not compromise high quality standards.

Stay in touch with us

Social media is a very good platform for us to share encouraging photos, easy and fun home decoration tips, famous recipes, and to spread our famous customer service even further. We develop ourselves in this matter day and day and continue to stay in touch with you and share photos and information that will inspire you every day.