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    About Baby and Kids

    Our children are the most valuable ... The purest, the most innocent beings of the world ... Mothers who make natural and original choices while raising their babies are now going out of standards, making very conscious choices. As parents, you are always trying to present them the best. We, as İkikız, are with you with our very diligently prepared baby and child collection that is suitable for their purity. The İkikız collection, which makes a difference with its high quality, skin friendly natural fabrics and original designs, is also very assortive with its baby and child products. Our products, which you can use completely with peace of mind, will be part of the unconditional love and care you show them.


    Comfortable, natural, functional products ...


    Babies and children's rooms are, of course, one of the rooms that parents are most attentive to, decorating with the slightest detail. Especially during pregnant mothers' excited waiting times, the places where they are fussed to do their best to make the baby feel very good. In this exciting but delightful process, the products prepared by İkikız with the most natural materials will make your job easier and offer you the right choices for your child. From baby blankets to newborn sets, from joyful pillows to baby sheets and pillowcases, you can find many products under the same roof in İkikız.


    Happiness source color and designs ...


    Both the decoration and the colors used in the products are also important. Preferred colors should be appropriate for your baby's gender as well as for mental and psychological correct completion of their development and correct colors for their peacefulness. It is best to use pastel tones such as cream, pink, blue, light gray, white, lilac as much as possible, preferring light colors, and using vivid or dark colors locally in the room. The real thing is to decorate a quiet and peaceful room where your children can feel comfortable and happy inside. İkikız allows your baby to feel very happy and peaceful with soft tones chosen without distancing from the colors of nature in baby and child products.


    Cute  pillows designed with soft Wellsoft fabrics will be one of your kids' favorite games and sleeping buddies. These amusing pillows, which are individual to add joy to both the baby and children's rooms as well as the environments where you spend time with them at home and outside, add color to your decor with different colors and shapes. It is possible to find baby and child cushions in a collection of stars, hearts and moon forms that help you create a pleasant play environment and create the appropriate environment to enhance their creativity. There are gray, cream and red colors on the pillows where they can jump or hug and dream beautifully. You can also enjoy the İkikız pillows, which are loved by children with soft tissues, and use at every corner of your home with pleasure.


    Happy and healthy babies and children with their İkikız products ...


    You can create the best sleeping combinations for your baby and children's rooms with baby blankets and bed sheets sets in the İkikız collection. Whether embroidered or lacy, the blanket with its soft models wrapping your baby in silky soft texture makes a difference with the accessories produced with the special baby yarn. In addition to baby blankets, there is also a collection of natural bed sheets and pillowcases that you can use with peace of mind for your baby and your little ones. 100% cotton and baby bedding sets made by Denizli's traditional handcraft are as healthy as they are stylish. In addition, the hand-knitted pillow is suitable for both girls and boys in pink, white and blue colors and reflects the perfect workmanship of hand-knitted art.


    Address for those looking for natural and quality products for babies ...


    You can buy newborn gift sets for your baby as a nice gift option, as the dolls will be sweethearts and handcrafted rabbit toys that will enhance your children’s imagination. The set consists of a cover, basket and rabbit in cream color produced with 100% handmade cotton. Rabbit toys are extremely healthy game and sleeping companion with pink and blue color alternatives.


    The functional product options consist of cream colored eared boots that is used to keep tiny feet comfortable as well as looking cute and eared bathrobe that can be worn on the outfit to keep warm. These products, which are a favorite of mothers as well as children that can be washed on a machine at 40 degrees, will go very nicely with your children’s soft tissues.


    İkikız offers the best products as the indispensable address for those looking for natural and quality products for babies and children. You can use İkikız’s baby and children collection with peace of mind.


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