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In Ikikiz's new beach collection; you will discover beach bags, one of the most important complementary accessories of beach fashion.
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    About Beach Bag

    One of the most important accessories to complete your beach style is undoubtedly beach bags. Ikikız 2017 bag collection follows up season trends and appeals to every taste with different fabrics and materials.

    The models which are produced in strips, stripes, straw, transparent and natural fabrics are designed considering different needs. The bags that you also want to use in your daily life as well as at the beach, stand out with elegant and modern lines. In addition to single-bag models, beach bag sets provide practical style with their handy and ergonomic designs.

    Timeless classic colors such as olive drab green and navy blue make up the main color scale of the collection in addition to natural tones and natural textures as well as vivid colors such as orange, yellow, saxe blue and pink.

    Do not worry if you are having difficulty fitting your beach bag with your sun creams, books, towels, wallets, telephone and etc. Even, if you have children, a large and bulky bag to put all their belongings is a must to have item. Considering these needs, big beach bags designed by İkikiz will be your saver. The navy blue net bag is one of the most useful pieces of the big beach bag collection with its large interior volume, lightness and striped contrast details. Moreover, an important advantage of this bag is, it can be easily  wiped off.

    If you prefer big bags, İkikiz big straw beach bag is also ideal for you. If you like straw bags, it is sure that you will like this model which is one of the simplest and natural pieces of summer women's beach bag collection. Designed using 100% cotton sanded natural fabrics, one of the most striking details in the design of this bag is handcrafted straw handles. You can use this straw bag at the beach and by the pool as well as during your journeys and even in the gym thanks to its spacious interior.

    The collection includes a variety of pieces such as beach bags, clutches, makeup bags, travel bags, hand and bikini bags and is detailed with strips, pom-poms, and tassels. The tassel detail adds a bohemian feel to some models, while giving an elegant touch to some others. The combination of bohemian chic reflected by the tassels both in accessories and garments and refined Ikikiz designs reveals the contrast of the harmony in the best way this season.

    You can easily catch the ideal summer look with İkikız leather detailed bag if you have a sporty but stylish style and you want to enjoy your life while making a difference with your style.This linen beach bag, one of the most trendy parts of the summer season, is a model that can appeal to all ages with its natural woven fabric and cream color.

    It is very important to be stylish and comfortable on the beach or during a pleasant dinner in summer. You can show your style with the clutches that will complete your chic look. You can catch an ethnic style with a linen clutch in the Ikikiz collection that is produced by using handmade wood printing technique. This stylish clutch ia a product you can use both during the day and night easily and also provides ease of maintenance with its washable feature on the washing machine.

    The fabric, colors and patterns used in the collection of Ikikiz beach bags offer a wide variety of alternatives for your daily needs. Beach bag sets will be ideal for carrying your beach supplies along the beach and by the pool, making life easier for sports and travel, even in your everyday city routine. If you have a fun style and want to reflect it with your style, İkikiz Hawai printed beach bag set is just for you. This set, which will make your beach joy even more fun with its enjoyable patterns, offers ease of use in 3 different sizes. The colorful star print set in the collection is also preparing to add color to the hot summer days.

    The 2, 3 and 4 beach bag sets in which striped and pointed details are used, are ideal with their easy wipe off and washing features. These sets with zippy closure and waterproof features contribute to your effortless chic look of your beach and everyday style as complementary accessories with striped designs, pom-poms and tassel details.

    Transparent handbags, which are one of the most trendy pieces in  the last couple of seasons, draw attention in İkikız beach bag collection. The collection of transparent beach bag models combines plain and simple lines with colorful details, revealing a simple yet stylish look. The transparent beach bag, which can be an alternative option to the cotton beach bag, is also waterproof thanks to its synthetic weaving. Transparent beach bags make it easier to find what you are looking for, it looks stylish, and also it gives you great ease of use on the beach, on your journeys or in the gym. In addition, thanks to their light fabric, they can easily get into your daily routine.

    It is the yellow lined bag which attracts attention with its energetic design among the beach bag models.This model, designed as a handbag, will add more joy to your beach fun by its vibrant color, vertical and horizontal lines.

    The timeless marine style is also adapted to the collection of bags. The marine women's beach bags adds a strong look to your style with the harmony of navy blue and white which will always show you elegant.

    The products in which 100% cotton and special woven natural, as well as linen and synthetic  fabrics are used, offer seasonal beach bag trends in different and unique alternatives. Wet bikini handbags that are one of the must have items of summer shopping are also included in the İkikiz collection. We all know that you should not stay in wet swimsuit for a long time. You do not have to worry about where to put your wet suit after you have changed your swimsuit or bikinis. Wet bikini handbags, with their both stylish and functional designs will be your saver on beach, by pool and even in the gym. The butterfly-printed wet bikini bag, transparent and wet blue bikini bags in İkikız collection are getting ready to take their place at the top of your shopping list with their affordable prices and ease of use.


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