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    About Beach Kids

    We all love summer.  Summer  means holiday, plenty of sunshine,  plenty of laughter,  lemonade,  ice cream ... Naturally, it means the most enjoyable months of the year for children. The months of the first swims in the sea, the sand castles under the sun, the games in the streets and at the beaches ... İkikız has prepared a handy and stylish kids' beach collection that will make them feel comfortable in this lovely, pleasant summer days.

    Ikikiz beach children's clothing collection includes ponchos, vests, beach mattresses, ground towels, and bags that completes the other pieces of the collection. All items in the collection are skin-friendly products specially designed for kids, considering their body structures and needs. The pieces of the collection are made with pure and natural yarns and fabrics  bringing comfort and functionality together in order to enjoy the sea and the holiday to the fullest. Just as in the adult collection, there is also a white and cream color dominance in the kids’ collection. As well as pink and blue, favorite colors of children, vivid and cute patterns are accompanied to white, the color of pureness and cleanliness. Hoods, pipings, strips and pockets are the major details of kids’ style.

    For the little swimmers who forget how the time passes in the sea ...

    The ponchos that will complete the beach combos of little fashion icons are very practical and lovely. Children beach poncho models produced in different colors for girls and boys are extremely healthy and skin friendly products produced from 100% cotton. Among the most popular products of the beach kids’ clothing collection, ponchos are use friendly thanks to their high water absorption capacity, extremely soft and light texture that wraps children's soft skin like silk. These ponchos, with hooded and pocket models, are life-saving in order to dry little ones that come out of water as chilled to the bone by forgetting their time in the sea. Especially the kids’ beach sets looks very cool which the ponchos are combined with small bags, in cream color and turquoise strips; considering the little princesses who are willing to carry their mom’s bags.

    Round beach mattresses are very popular ...

    Round beach mattresses are amongst the beach trends for the last couple of seasons. Adults have them and kids don’t? These rounded, tasseled and very fun mattresses produced in smaller sizes than the ones for the adult, will host the games of the little ones in the gardens, on the beach, by the pool, and in the picnic. Kids mattresses which are produced in pink for girls and blue for boys, are candidates to become one of the most handy and functional pieces of summer accessories for little ones. At the same time, the rectangular beach mattress adorned with cute animal designs combined with a transparent backpack in the collection. These colorful and cute designs will make their beach games more enjoyable while their mothers feel comfortable.

    The towel vests that children do not want to take out in the new summer season are both very lovely and also they are one of the timeless fashionable products of the kids’ beach wear. The kids’ beach vests has a very high water absorption feature and takes up very little space thanks to its light cotton and lightweight fabric. Almost every kid loves playing with water. Sea, pool and the inflatable pools in the garden of the houses are their favorite places for having an enjoyable time. As they forget how the time passes in water you can imagine how they run fastest to their mommies for wraping and warming them with towels when they get out of the water. Here, the beach vests of İkikız are designed just for those moments in mind. The vests that wraps and warms the little swimmers with their soft texture and adds sweetness to the little ones with the rabbit ears placed on the hoodies. The vests, which are designed in pink and blue in two different colors, are decorated with pink and blue piping dots.

    Free and happy children who enjoys the smell of sea...

    It is a fact that children feel happier and free in days when happiness comes from the sun, when the temperature increases and when we enjoy the smell of the sea. The beaches are the most healthy playgrounds for children in the summer days considering the positive impact of the sand on children. In addition to the warming and drying purposes, the ground towels designed in cute shapes that the baby and kids can play on the beach are also handy pieces of the İkikiz kids’ beach clothing collection. The kids beach ground towel is going to be one of the most preferred beach products of this summer, with its easy to carry feature and healthy fabric with its cotton woven light texture.

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