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Ikikiz beach sets, which are created by considering all your needs with stylish design peshtemal bathrobes and handy bags, will be indispensable this summer!

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    About Beach Set

    If you are excited about the summer holiday and want to look stylish and chic at the beaches but don’t have enough time to go shopping and make stylish combinations, İkikız beach sets are just for you. İkikiz beach set collection which brings the most beautiful pieces for you and at the same time it is ideal for those who like to be dressed up in suits. We did not want you to get tired of shopping from one store to another for making stylish combinations and for this reason brought together the different choices that appeal to every taste.

    Beach bags, peshtamals, towels, dresses and shorts come together for you in the most trendy way in the collection and make you sign under the most stylish combinations of the summer.

    There are vibrant colors such as neon green, fuchsia, purple, turquoise and saxe blue in the color palette as well as white, cream, navy blue and gray. Peshtamal, towel and beach clothes from 100% cotton hand weaving textures are accompanied by fabric or synthetic woven bags.

    The gray net beach shoulder bag set is a good alternative for those who like transparency net bags. 100% cotton peshtamal with white tassels and navy blue fish print on it, is there for you to complete your style. Another set of beach bag is the zippered saxe blue bag set which is again the combo of fish-patterned peshtamal. The bag set that you can use in your everyday life as well as at the beach is both handy and extremely stylish and cute with its vivid colors and white pompom.

    Beach sets are the favorite pieces for those who like to minimize the rush of summer shopping. One of the most preferred beach sets are the combinations of transparent 2 bags with colored and striped peshtamals.

    The transparent bag with its green handle and tasseled small bikini bag stand out with its comfortable use. These bags are combined with a white peshtamal in refined lines. Handmade neon green tassels adds energy with its vibrant color to this lovely bag set.

    Peshtamals that do not restrict your movements like heavy towels, which are lightweight and easy drying thanks to their high water absorption capacities are favorite pieces of the recent yeears. Printed beach bags that are sold as beach sets with vibrant colored peshtamals will bring fun and joy to your summer wardrobe. It is possible to make stylish combinations with fine textured peshtamals in vibrant colors such as fuschia, purple, green, turquoise and cotton cloth bags in different prints and patterns. You can comfortably use the cloth bags at the beaches as well as in your daily life. Sweet animal prints such as giraffes and elephants, lovely tropical summer fruits and colorful star prints as well as Audrey Hepburn, one of the most elegant actresses of all times are used on the bags as different patterns. They are light and easy to carry. Also their washable durable fabrics with hand-crafted cotton threads detailing the handles make these bags ideal for summer days.

    Batik bag set is also one of the most fun and adorable beach sets of the women collection which is combined with a white strapless dress that is as light as foam on the sea. The color games created with  batik technique and the rabbit figure created with the handmade yellow pompom will be a reflection of the cute and sweet little girl inside of you.

    You can reflect the summer joy with a tasseled beach towel set that will complete your beach style. The half-rounded towel, decorated with hand-crafted yellow tassels, is designed to fit comfortably into your body. The companion bag that accompanies this sympathetic towel offers a large interior volume with its bendy form. So you can fit in much more than you can imagine. At the same time, the waterproof bag is an ideal piece for summer with its practical use.

    The harmony of navy blue - white marine colors is indisputable. This striped beach set with 100% cotton white shorts and striped peshtamal is both elegant and stylish. The navy blue tasseled white bag combination looks great with the shorts which is again detailed with navy blue tassels. The favorite pieces of the season, the navy blue - white striped peshtamal with white shorts and handbag guarantee you to create a fresh and simple look with their ease of use. You can combine this style with hair bands and flat slippers at the beach and catch a very simple yet trendy style.

    All the pieces in the İkikız collection, which offer the most beautiful combos that come to mind can be combined with other complementary items of the collection. These sets that you can use with pareos, dresses, and overalls will not only make your life easier, but at the same time will help you to prepare for summer days with calm pieces that are colorful or in natural tones.

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