You will be the trend setter this summer with fringed skirts, pants, and stylish Ikikiz beach clothing products!

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    Beach style is a must for all women since most of the time is spent on beaches during exciting warm holiday season. Beach fashion is now a special lane for designers. İkikiz beach apparel collection has been meticulously designed for you to make your style at the beach with its comfortable and refined lines. One of the most demanding pieces of beach wear is beach dresses that will offer you both the comfort and style with their practical, handy yet elegant and chic designs.

    Towel dresses to long beach dresses that appeals to every style and need reflect the summer fashion in the most beautiful way. The details enriched with tassels make you feel the energy of summer to the fullest. Models are available for every taste, ranging from minimalist designed dresses to the artsy pieces with feminine touches. The dresses that you can use with pleasure on the beach,  by the pool, at home and in everyday wear are great products that can accompany you even while you are sleeping thanks to their lightness and comfort. They are ideal for beach use with extremely easy drying features and natural fabrics. Unlike many other beach wear brands, cotton, viscose and bamboo blends are used instead of polyester fabrics in the collection for the health and comfort of your skin. Also there are available models for every body forms and shapes. The cuts of the beach dresses are also various. The models in the beach wear collection are mainly cotton pieces, where the organic fabrics are in harmony with your skin. Whether have a casual and stylish look with shaggy chic and wide cut models or add a feminine touch to your style with a model enriched with lace details. You can get started to make your summer wardrobe right away by choosing the right fit for your style from strapless, cross straps, or halter-neck models or getting all of them for different uses.

    If you love the fast drying and storable great peshtamals which are favorite pieces of the recent years, the belted peshtamal pareo dresses of the collection are just for you. But if you are still a towel fan whom do not want to be dried up with something else, then you should check the options of İkiziz towel dresses. Towel dress models with racer back and wrap-over details are both a stylish drying products and a comfortable choice which can be preferred by all age groups.

    White is the most preferred color of the summer thanks to its pureness and calmness. Always noble, always elegant... Definetly, it is one of the most favorite colors of the İkikiz collection. You will catch up to all seasonal trends with beach dresses, overalls, shorts, crochet bikinis in white and natural colors that you can create wonderful contrasts under a clear blue sky. Whether you want a simple look or decorate your white pieces with colorful accessories to make them even more fun.

    Pinks, dusty roses, turquoises and blues are the main colors of the İkikiz beach wear collection. Also for those who prefer darker colors, the most beautiful shades of navy blue and gray are also available in the collection. One of the most suitable color combinations for beaches and boats is undoubtedly the navy blue-white duo. The marine color beach clothes that have never become old fashioned will also be in our lives in the summer of 2017. If you are enthusiastic about the harmony of these two colors, the navy blue striped towel dress and peshtamal pareos are just for you. Whether you use them with a simple swimsuit or with an artsy bikini, these dresses and pareos with their contrast details will help you to catch a timeless style on beaches.

    If you also want to try different styles but can not decide where to start, İkikız kimonos and caftans will end this quest. These special products, which you can use on the beach or in your daily wear, are also ideal for creating a boho chic style. The modernized Ottoman caftans and Japanese kimonos, which have been very popular in the recent years, have taken an important place in the fashion world. İkızız caftan dazzles with its hand made special fabric and again hand made special fringe details around the collar. It can be a piece that can complete your style in beach wear, or you can catch a very stylish style by combining it with appropriate accessories on jeans shorts. If you are looking for different alternatives to make your style talk, the caftan and kimono models that are one of the most popular pieces of the İkikiz collection will definitely steal your heart.

    Pants that you can prefer both in beach wear and daily wear will be saver pieces especially for women who are looking for their comfort. The pants models with slit details in the trouser leg parts and longitudinal lines will be the favorite items of the women who wants to look tall and slim. It is not hard to create different and bold styles by combining İkikız pants with flashy bijoux. Also you can create a much more simpler look by combining them with mini bustiers, bikini tops and basic t-shirts.

    One of the outstanding trends of the collection is crochet bikinis and shorts. It is impossible not to be noticed on the beaches with these 100% handmade and custom produced bikinis and shorts. You can reflect your unique style by combining the crochet bikinis again with your crochet shorts, beach pants and skirts. Bikinis made from 100% cotton yarn are also a healthy choice for your skin. They are produced from the best quality and natural threads as they are in direct contact with the skin. It is also quite easy to maintain these products. It is possible to wash them easily in the machine every day.

    The ruffle, which is one of the favorite details of almost all seasons, is also very trendy this summer. We can see the funny and romantic waves of the ruffles in İkikiz beach dresses, shorts and skirts. Ruffled beach dresses and shorts are ideal for a romantic style both for daytime beach wear and for summer evenings with their loose and comfortable fabrics as well as natural colors. At the same time, it is possible to create a special style just for you with one of the most fun pieces of the collection, the ruffled beach skirt which is short in the front and long at the back.

    Overalls, vests, pareos and hair accessories that make you feel the comfort of summer, are also available in İkikız women beach wear collection in which wooden printing, stonewash and batik printing methods are used. These comfortable and handy pieces that reflects the best of the beach fashion with their eye-catching designs, are waiting for you to sign your style whilr enjoying the beautiful summer days.


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