Whether you use it for home decoration or wear it on. İkikız custom-designed blankets can be a great idea to color your sofas as well as keeping the user warm! We have blankets you can choose for cool summer evenings, also polar or 100% pure wool weaving – Woolmark certified blanket models are in our collection as well.

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    We need to position the İkikız brand differently in blanket production in Turkey. İkikız, whose basic philosophy is to manufacture with the least possible industrial / fabrication methods, is also aiming at the versatility and practical use of people in real life in design, in the blanket production, - presents the collection with the same excitement every winter with fashionable approaches that blend ethnic / traditional patterns and motifs when it comes to its place.


    Polar blanket models, which are widely used in people's daily lives in modern society, are designed for every season, every purpose. All products under the category of İkikız polar blankets have a wide range of models, color scale and design touches, and you can have the product needed of any quantity at any time of year with the cheapest prices. You can take advantage of free shipping according to your shopping amount, you can supply products discounted by e-mail subscription and periodical campaigns.


    İkikız, which has Woolmark certificate that is limited in number in the world and the only in Turkey, in other product group in category of blankets, wool blanket, is known by a wide mass with 100% pure wool Woolmark blanket models and the products are demanding throughout the year, mostly in winter months both in domestic market and foreign market. The distinctive element in our Woolmark wool blankets, is not only the certificate it has or 100% pure wool; it is the quality of wool used in production, procurement and production preparation conditions, processes applied meticulously in processing and final stages. But as a result, the most important factor in attracting the customer is the product model, pattern and balanced / stable price scale. From tassels to the design of patternts, you can feel the special labor and total quality sensitivity in every process, when you touch the product.


    A common summary of praising feedback from consumers over the years is as follows: "İkikız is the rare brand that produces blankets in Woolmark quality throughout the world. The price and quality balance is unbelievably good! "

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