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    About Decoration

    Our home is the safest place we find peace after the run of daily life. Even after the most beautiful holidays we are have waited for, home is our the most comfortable living space. Although we enjoy spending time outside, even after a very enjoyable day; it is very different to enjoy lying down on our sofas... It is very different to gather around with our friends for a delicious meal and enjoy conversations. Shortly, our home is our precious and also all of us deserve being happy too. For example, waking up in a soft bed ... Watching tv in our cozy couch... Read books wrapped in our blankets... In order to be able to enjoy all these, we choose everything from furniture to accessory very diligently. For this reason, home decoration has become a very important issue especially in recent years.


    Home decorations become more enjoyable with products that will appeal to different tastes under the decoration category.

     İkikiz also offers the ideal parts to create a comfortable living space and to get a practical elegance. At the same time, İkikız is also attracting attention with its quality fabrics and unique designs. Whether you live in a modern city apartment or have a traditional style, İkikız is changing the looks of your home with elegantly designed, useful and quality products. From the multi-purpose ground cover in the collection seat to shawl in different colors and patterns, from batik to pique blanket, with different product groups, İkikız appeals to all tastes and needs.


    Show your creativity


    It is possible to add elegance to your home with skin-friendly and healthy textiles while catching the latest decoration trends with İkikız products. Especially in recent years, very trendy sofa shawls are one of the most popular pieces of the İkikız 2017 home life collection. You can enrich your living spaces with sofa shawls and blanket, which can be preferred in light tones to make your living areas vivid. In the summer, the sofa shawls that can be easily used with your garden furniture attract attention with handmade tassel details. There are different color and pattern options apart from  plain natural tones.It is possible to create a serene environment with naturel colored linen sofa shawls, bohemian style with wood printed cushions and cheerful environment with vivid colored batik piques and spreads. Adding your creativity into your work, it is not difficult to catch a distant elegance from proper mediocrity.


    Style-friendly little touches


    If you want to change the environment of your home with little touches and a reasonable budget, the cushions and pillows from different fabrics are the best for you. It is very easy to create a style that is far from mediocrity with İkikız’s cushion designs. You can add boho chic atmosphere to your home and garden with ethnic designs combined with handmade wood printing technique. With 100 hand-crafted black tassels, you can enhance the bohemian air that you create using multiple strokes, which also provide a sense of coolness. But if bohemian elegance is not for you, you can prefer modern and minimal lines in your living spaces with clear line detail that will add an air of masculinity to your style. If you are the ones who never give up the glow, then you will love the silvery blanket and pillow in the collection. These 100% cotton products hand-crafted in Denizli's traditional black looms will bring an elegant sparkling home with black and white silvery fabric.


    Rainbow effect on the piques


    It is a pleasure to start the day with the 100% cotton, plain lines and handmade touches in the collection of İkikızThe sheet sets with tassel in yellow, nile green and pink striped color alternatives consist of one sheet and two pillow cases. Also, frequently used piques come with vivid color options especially in summer months. The harmonies of the color shifts make it feel like a rainbow effect. The combination of vivid colors blend with the natural batik cotton pique are the products that you will never want to leave in deep sleeps in summer nights or a night you enjoy on the terrace at a cold evening.


     Offering a comfortable elegance with every detail, the İkikiz collection adds unique touches inspired by nature from your home life. Natural İkikız fabrics made with water based healthy and certified paints are designed to provide you with the best in home decoration with its appropriate product scale to all tastes.

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