Gray Woolmark Wool Knee Blanket

This Woolmark Wool Knee Blanket contains 100% pure wool. Due to Woolmark's wool, your body simultaneously respires and stays warm.
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Products specifications

100% Pure Wool
130x170 cm
Package Included
1 Piece of Pillow Case, 1 Piece of Inner Pillow
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    İkikız wool blankets with 100% pure wool are Woolmark certified. Thanks to Woolmark's wool, your body simultaneously respires and remains warm. Has antistatic properties and does not contain dust.

    It is soft and can be recycled in the nature. It is fire durable, hard-to-ignite and easy to extinguish. It has insulating property that does not transmit electricity.

    Wool products are the products that mites that cause various respiratory disorders stay away. At the same time they regulate the heartbeat and prepares a peaceful sleeping ground. It can be used for decoration as well as staying warm.

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