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    About Homewear

    It is very important to feel happy in the clothes you wear as well as relaxing and spending time at home. After all, it is indisputable that moments we spend at sweet home are very valuable to all of us. The pleasure of welcoming the new day in a comfortable dressing gown after a good night's sleep,  enjoying TV with a soft poncho before falling asleep, the joy of wandering around at home with the babettes that keep our feet warm is priceless. The products in the İkikiz home wear collection are specially designed to give you this pleasure and a comfortable yet stylish elegance at home. There are many different options in the collection, ranging from dressing gowns, cloaks, ponchos, jackets, trousers and shorts to even babettes and home boots. Comfortable fabrics and soft textures double your home comfort, offering you a comfortable clothing experience during the day. You can use these products that will be your favorite pieces for long years thanks to their durable and sturdy fabrics and seams that do not become deformed easily.

    The times you spend at home turns into pleasure...

    Dressing gowns, cloaks and ponchos ... These products in İkikız collection comes with fabrics and designs that keep you warm and comfortable. All of the models that are waiting for you with a wide range of options are all comfortable and stylish. The dressing gowns with comfort lines and cuts that do not limit your moves and do not disturb your body, turn the times you spend at home into pleasure. Bringing the softness of wellsoft and polar fabrics to your home, İkikız gives you the comfort and quality in home wear. Wellsoft fabrics, which keep you warm with their soft textures are very comfortable. They do not do pilling and shrinkage, they are easy drying and easy washable in washing machine. Moreover, they come out with antibacterial properties and don’t make allergy, fungus and itching. In addition to the women's gown models, men gown models are added to the collection for the men who are looking for the comfort in home wear. The gowns that are designed with pockets and belts stand out with simple details. The short red gown in which handmade accessories are used is one of the chic and different options offered by the collection that  usually includes long and medium sized models.

    We all know that there is no feeling of getting up from sleep and hugging a soft polar dressing gown. The cream polar gown in the İkikız collection will make you feel the same feeling. It is also possible to create a feminine style with this piece that you can combine with an elegant belt and use in outerwear. Home babettes that can be combined with dressing gowns are perfect choice for unlimited comfort at home. It is very easy to enjoy the comfort of these babettes which can be easily cleaned and washed at 40 degrees in the machine.

    Take out the child inside of you...

    If you have a style which doesn’t forget to listen to the child inside of you, then you should definitely take a look at the eared gowns of the collection. Red and pink color options are available of this dressing gown which will reveal the little girl inside of you. If you are passionate about pink, then you can complete your style with the pink eared home boots and make yourself pink from head to foot.

    The poncho and cloaks in the İkikız collection that you can wear both at home and outside are very convenient products and they also show that you can make a difference with your home wear style. Comfort has been taken as the first priority in the design of the hooded cloaks which are both stylish and cute. The hooded cloak might be a great option for you with its cream and red color alternatives, if you want to have an enjoyable style at home. This product, which is very comfortable with its soft and flexible texture, never limits your mobility. Buttons used in poncho and cloaks make the products more ergonomic and practical as well as adding a stylish detail to these pieces. Wood printed poncho is ideal for ethnic style lovers which 100% handmade wood printing technique is applied on the outer fabric. You can make a difference in both home and everyday wear with wood printed poncho, which is a very special piece made of wood printing technique made entirely with human power on the black loom. Another poncho model in the collection is black and white silver poncho which is a casual option for your styling and which is for those who loves glitter and shine.

    A yoga collection that will pamper your soul ...

    The effect created by unique touches of the products in the yoga collection designed with natural fabrics has the quality to pamper your soul. The nature of the yoga collection which reflects the perfectionism that İkiziz has been designing for skin-friendly products and which is produced with natural materials up to every detail is this natural approach. The main point of the products is comfort and naturalness which are the first things come to mind when talked about yoga clothes. Ikikiz who inspired by nature and reflects the positive energy of natural fabrics to their products, makes you both comfortable and stylish with its yoga collection. The pieces that release your soul are moving in harmony with your body. It is possible to find both yoga pants and yoga tops options in the İkikiz collection. İkikiz yoga sweatpants designed in shalvar style and asymmetrical cut yoga sweatshirt are ideal for a yoga session that will fill your body and soul with peace. Products that provide unique comfort with stitching details will make your yoga sessions much more comfortable. 

    A comfortable choice in home wear ...

    İkikız jackets, which are preferred by women who love to be original and unique, bring a different approach to home wear fashion. Special baklava designs that are woven in hand looms and contain thousands of years of Anatolian history are the stars of these free-spirited jackets. These designs create an eye-catching charm and stamps on İkikız home wear collection with various comfortable jacket designs that do not limit your mobility. You can use these jackets as a comfortable choice at home, and you can sign underneath stylish outside combinations by combining them with different pieces. The jackets are practical and functional pieces that you can take when going out in cool days. You can also combine them with shorts and mini skirts and get a stylish look at summer nights. It is possible to catch the latest trends and create a boho chic style by wearing the jackets that have handmade tassel details together with tasseled jeans, basic tops and bralets. You can even wear your summer slippers and enjoy a night in the terrace with your friends, as well as putting your high heels for a stylish evening while wearing these jackets. You can sign your very unique combinations by using your imagination unlimitedly with cold and vibrant colors like gray, navy blue, milky coffee, turquoise and orange found in the collection. Moreover, you can create a very special style in every season with the combination of black and white silver colored jacket that makes a difference with its silvery texture and which is one of the most stylish pieces of the collection. If you say whether you’re at home or outside, you can not do without glitter, then this jacket, which is one of the artsy pieces of the collection, is just for you. 

    Surprise with totally different combos!

    You can easily use the pants and shorts in the İkikiz home wear collection both at home and outside as the codes of home fashion and outerwear are fading out each day. The black and white silver and black panties and shorts that you can wear with long or short sleeved basic tops and sweatshirts look like a new reflection of comfort and style. It is also possible to have a cool and chic style with these pants and shorts that you can use with shaggy chic, loose cut or zippered sweatpants. You might also use İkikız pants and shorts in outerwear by using them with sneakers and glittery socks which are the most trendy pieces of this season. It is very fashionable to surprise by using pieces from different styles and making opposite corner combos in the recent years. You can go one step further and use these pieces with glittery socks and high heels sandals as well as stilettos and you will definetly get a remarkable look with your style.

    All the pieces you need are together!

    It is possible to find all different and quality pieces together about home wear under one roof in the İkikiz collection. Contrary to polyesters and other synthetic materials used by many other women home wear brands, the İkikiz collection uses completely natural fabrics and materials. These products, which you can use with total comfort, are presented to you after the careful design and production processes until the finest detail. İkikiz's home wear collection sets trends in seasonal home wear fashion, not just for you, but also as an excellent gift options for your loved ones at the same time.

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