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    Home and kitchen decoration has gained significant importance in recent years. The times we spend at home in today's busy life are so precious to us all. Even though the technology entered to our life fastly and the increase of eating outside habits try to block our traditional table culture, gathering around stylish tables and having meals and conversations with our loved ones still feels very different. We all love making beautiful and impressive table arrangements for our for a nice meal with our family or our guests. It is especially important for us to prepar the most beautiful table for our guests, due to the value given to our guests in our culture. We enjoy the pleasure of preparing a nice table for our loved ones, or just for ourselves at home. The pleasure of family’s gathering around the table, preparing an elaborate table is very different. İkikız lets you to prepare inspirational tables with its wide product range from American services to napkins, runners and table clothes. The design and features of the attention-grabbing parts are the one to share the most beautiful and imaginative tables with your loved ones at home.


    Add color to your tables.

    Obviously, the effect of the colors on the attractive tables is indisputable. The red napkins in the İkikiz kitchen collection, which will add color to your tables, are simple and elegant pieces that complement the elegance of your dining table. It should also be noted that the fabric napkins are the most important details that give a table a chic elegance. The napkins that add color to your tables are also a sign of the importance you give to your guests.

    If you prefer the naturalness on your table, the star-patterned runner made up of jute fabric is an ideal product for you. This product, which will add vitality to your table with the spirit of red color, is prepared from 100% cotton yarn using wood printing technique. The runner can be combined with the star-patterned wood print American service set in the Ikikiz collection to create a simple elegance. By bringing these red products together with flowers and green plants, it is possible to have an enjoyable and natural look on your table.


    Plain but glamorous tables ...

    There's nothing like serving delicious food you've prepared in stylish services. Flat or patterned options in the American service in the collection of İkikız adds an elegance to your table. For a glamorous table decoration, you do not always need flashy pieces, you can gracefully host your loved ones by creating calm but elegant tables with plain patterns and plain colors.

    In addition to rectangular shaped American services, round shaped service sets offer a different alternative for our customers who do not prefer sharp forms. You will add a different flavor to friendly conversations with these services, which are produced from 100% cotton special yarns. The round american service set is also ideal for a practical and stylish table settings with stonewashed plum and blue color options.

    If you like to use natural products in your meals these days, in which healthy and natural nutrition gained imortance, İkikız service, runner and table covers in natural colors produced from natural fabrics are for you. Taking its inspiration from nature, it is not hard at all to sign your table with wood accessories, bamboo bowls, ceramic plates and rustic details. And if you prepare a menu as natural as your table design and share the photos in the social media, and it is inevitable that you will get many likes with your photos.


    Show your style with your table arrangement.


    With Vintage American service and tablecloth, you can prepare a table with a vintage style that will transform into a work of art. You can make a table setting where you can show your style by using colors that complement each other in style with leading cream color. You can also complement this style with an elegant floral arrangement, fruit or candles.

    The İkikız collection is also the right address for home and table decoration products made by original and high quality natural materials of wedding preparers and new wives.

    Whether it is simple and fun, natural and simple, or an elegant tableware you will prepare with traditional touches… For each one, you can turn your tables into a visual feast with unique designs and quality products of İkikız kitchen collection produced from natural fabrics.

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