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    About Peshtemal


    Peshtamal, which is an essential part of the Ottoman Turkish bath tradition and Anatolian culture, has entered our everyday life with different usage areas in recent years. Peshtamals forgotten in the chests came to light again. Never-forgotten as a nostalgic product, now it lives its golden age with the fashion wind behind it, enjoying the popularity.

    What is Peshtamal?

    It was used to cover the body in the bath during Ottoman period by both women and men. Besides, it was also seem as a clothing item in different regions, especially in the Black Sea Region. It was mostly cotton-woven fabrics with fringed ends produced in hand looms.

    It has been rediscovered in recent years and has become a fashion trend. Now it comes out with different and stylish designs. Correspondingly to its popularity, its usage areas are increasing day by day.

    Its use is no longer limited to Turkish baths or saunas. It is a very comfortable and stylish choice which can be used on beach, in bath, in spa or even in gym instead of towel. Ideal for travels as it is easy to carry.  Moreover, it has already become one of the essential items of the summer bags thanks to this easy to carry feature.

    No doubt, summer is the most used season for the peshtamal. Now, it shapes the beach fashion with its different design alternatives and colorful models, besides swimsuits and bikinis.  It's a must item to get your own style and to have stylish look on the beach. It is also ideal for easy drying after sea and pool. Besides, it is possible to use the small sizes for drying your hair or as a stylish hair accessory.

    In addition to be a part of summer fashion, it is also at the top of holiday shopping lists. Models from İkikız collection make your life easier as well as saving your time in holiday shopping during your preparations for vacation.

    Beach mattress and covers made of peshtamal; offer both comfort, style and functionality on the beach. The mattresses and covers that you can use in garden, on beach, on picnic and in many other areas make the summer days even more enjoyable for you.

    Peshtamal has also found a place in home decoration with its increasingly widespread use. It can also be used as a table and chair cover. Especially, it adds a different atmosphere to the decoration of summer houses when used on garden furniture.

    Now, a wide variety of models are being produced in line with increasing demand and interest. They are commonly wowen with 100% cotton yarn but also there are linen, bamboo, silk and viscose blended alternatives.

    Colorful or natural colors, plain or striped, batik or stonewash ... It is very difficult to choose between many different models and options. Very stylish and trendy models are produced by various methods such as batik painting and wood printing. It is also possible to get many stylish models by stonewash process giving special effect to texture and fabric.

    Why Peshtamal?

    First, compared to towel, it is lighter and dries more easily.

    Due to its fine texture, it does not weight as well as quick drying. The water absorption capacity is inversely proportional to its fine structure. As it is made from natural threads, it absorbs water in much more shorter time than towel.

    Very comfortable, soft. Its usage is so practical.

    Moreover, it is very healthy. It does not stink, it is natural, even antibacterial. It is produced using non-harmful dyes. For this reason, it is possible to use it comfortably for children and babies.

    One of the most loved features is its little space. A complete saver for heavy beach bags.

    Peshtamal is also an environmentally friendly product. Maintenance and cleaning is easy. Also, it does not get worn out when it is washed, and on the contrary, its life is getting longer.

    It is also a very nice gift option with various colors and models according to every taste. The soft, elegant peshtamal that you give to your mother, your friend, and even your wife will surely make them happy. Set of smaller size peshkirs is also a very attractive gift option.

    Peshtamals and peshkirs sets which have already become essential items for women, also offer comfortable and practical options to modern men for their bath and beach uses.

    According to yarn, weaving and printing method, peshtamal prices vary. It is possible to find many different alternatives from very reasonable prices to more special products.

    The heart of peshtamal production is in Denizli Buldan and Kızılcabölük. Peshtamal producers of Denizli are doing manual weaving in traditional black looms, which are based on a history of 250-300 years. While the weaving is done mechanically on the normal looms, it is done with man power on the black looms. A part of the İkikız collection is also black loom weaving. Traditionally weaving culture has been revitalized thanks to the increasing local and foreign interest and demand. Even, many world brands make custom design production in Denizli.

    What Does Peshtamal Mean?

    "Peshtamal" word formed by the combination of the words "Püşt-Mal"  means a towel for wiping out the back. In some regions the word “Peshtamal” can be said in different forms such as peştemal, paştemal, paştamel.

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