Peshtemal Bathrobe

An indispensable part of the tradition of Ottoman baths and Anatolian cultures, loincloths are transformed into robes! Enjoy comfort and lightness with a peştamal bathrobe designed by Ikikiz inspired by history.

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    About Peshtemal Bathrobe


    Now, it is possible to find the peshtamals which are essential parts of the Ottoman Turkish bath tradition and Anatolian culture, in the form of bathrobes. Peshtamal bathrobes suitable for different tastes and usage needs are among the most popular products of Ikikiz collection.

    Especially in the last couple of years, peshtamal bathrobes are preferred instead of towel bathrobes as they are more practical. The main reasons for preference are its easy and healthy drying feature compared to towel. The high water absorption capacity is inversely proportional to its fine structure. It is breathable thanks to its light fabric. It spoils your skin with its soft texture while it absorbs the water quickly from the skin. It offers a comfortable bathing pleasure.

    It is a skin-friendly product with its antibacterial properties while bringing style and comfort together. It is produced using non-harmful root dyes. For this reason, it is possible to use it comfortably for the whole family.

    Since it is made from natural threads, it does not stink, it quickly absorbs the sweat from the skin. For this reason, it is mostly preferred in summer months.

    Another advantage of peshtamal bathrobes is that it takes a small space thanks to its fine fabrics. Compared to towel bathrobes, the light structure immediately attracts attention. 

    At the same time, it is an eco-friendly product. Easy to wash and clean. It is also possible to use it for a long time. It does not get worn out easily, and on the contrary, when it is washed its life gets longer.

    Thanks to the high demand for all these features, the peshtamal bathrobe models have been quite varied in the recent years. It is possible to find models that appeal to every taste, including tasseled, hooded and striped choices. It is hard to choose between different color and model alternatives..

    Parallel to its popularity, the usage areas of peshtamal bathrobes are also increasing. You can use it as a part of your bath ritual in the home or as a part of your Turkish bath and sauna pleasure, and it is also an ideal product for beach and travel uses. It is preferred instead of beach towels in recent years thanks to its small space, quick drying and comfort. It is ideal for drying off after sea with its high water absorption capacity and stylish look. Peshtamal bathrobes that you can use on your bikini and swimwear on the beach and by the pool do not take up space in your bag either. Ideal for travel as its carriage is easy. It is also a very practical solution for those who prefer to use their own rather than hotel's towels. Thanks to these features, it has already become an essential item for summer bags.

    Just like in the recent summers days, peshtamal bathrobes are candidate to be one of the favorite pieces of beach fashion this summer. It is possible to find the most trendy models in the Ikikiz collection with its eye-catching designs and quality. In addition to models designed for those who prefer classic models, young and modern designs are also included in the collection.

    Besides the 100% cotton models, linen and bamboo blended pieces can be found in the collection which all products are made from natural yarns. Organic woven fabrics and pique fabric options are also avaliable in the collection. The fact that no polyester is used in any products and that it is fully compatible with skin health is another feature that needs to be underlined. In addition to natural colors, vibrant summer colors such as pink, blue, yellow and turquoise attract attention. Black, white, dark blue and gray colors are the other color alternatives for those who prefer more classic and calm colors.

    A rich range of products has been created by applying special printing methods with hooded, tasseled, striped models in İkikız peshtamal bathrobe collection. Shawl collar, oval collar and V collar models appeal to every taste. Considering the summer months, the trendy models with short sleeves are also included in the collection. These short-sleeved modellers are used on swimsuits and bikinis at beaches and also they are choices of stylish women in their daily regular wear. It is possible to use these models that are very stylish on jeans and shorts, with or without a belt. Using your creativity, you can make very different combinations of these pieces, both at home and outside. Whether you can wear peshtamal bathrobes as morning gowns in the comfort of your home or you can take it on your clothes in cool summer nights. You will feel very special with your the peshtamal bathrobes that will be one of the most favorite pieces of your wardrobe  and which you never want to leave apart especially in summer homes and holiday regions.

    Besides the tightfitting and slim fit models, also shabby chic and relaxed cuts are available. Hand knotted fringes at the skirt ends also give a separate movement to the bathrobes. The tassels on the collar parts of some models draws attention as cheerful and lively details.

    Long-sleeved bathrobes are also available which are more preferred for bath and spa use in addition to short-sleeved models. You can find S, M, L and XL size alternatives that are suitable for every type of body, as well as the ones produced in standard body sizing that suits to 36, 38, 40 sizes.

    Peshtamal bathrobe, has also created a brand value in the world apart from Denizli Turkey. It is not wrong to say that handicarfts for bathrobes that are woven in hand looms with traditional weaving technique in Denizli. Even, some models can only be produced 40-50 pieces per day.

    You can easily buy these products online that you can feel the unique touch of cotton. İkikiz is one of the most preferred online sites in the sale of peshtamal bathrobes as well as in other product categories. Ikikiz designs its products by following the latest trends and is differentiated from its competitors by combining the best quality products with the most stylish designs. As the summer and feast holiday shopping has started, it is not hard to make a difference with your chic style at the beaches in daytime and also in the summer evenings thanks to İkikız products. It is possible to examine the prices in detail on İkikız web site.

    Peshtamal bathrobes that are comfortable for both you and your family members are among the trendy products of recent years. İkikız offers women peshtamal bathrobe models and not for men.

    It is also a very attractive gift alternative. A set of peshtamal bathrobe for  your loved ones is both a functional  and elegant gift option.

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