Polar Blanket

Leave yourself to the soft and soft world of polarin with a collection of twin blankets made up of beautiful polar blankets.

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    About Polar Blanket

    Polar, is identical with the word of Kutup. Offers countless benefits and advantages to save from the cold for users, so It deserves  title and praise. It has been years to be indispensable for our lives. Protects our bodies and skin in the cold of autumn and winter; a kindly friend, fellow, preserver our shoulder and knees in the cool breeze of spring and summer. Polar fabric is used in home textiles, decorations, upholstery, and clothes because of its many advantages. Polar Blanket Ikikız brand is one of the leading names in the industry.

    Synthetic polar fabrics produced from petroleum and petroleum by-products are attracting a great deal of interest in the textile sector  However, it is necessary to avoid products whose originality is not certain; The use of poor quality polar species can cause harmful consequences to health. In addition, such low-quality products can be very fast and quickly deformed. Fort that reason, while buying such as products, this important point needs to consider. Polar Blanket Ikikız offers you this assurance and guarantee with pride.

    The benefits that Polar blankets İkikız will provide you; washed easily in the washing machine, does not shrink. It has a quick drying feature. No need to iron after washing. It keeps body heat, does not prevent perspiration. The texture does not prevent your skin from breathing, it handles air permeability. There is no problem of hair damage as you use it. The surface is soft and smooth, so, your touch is exceedingly satisfy. It is resistant to bactericides, provides a hygienic environment and not only prevents unwanted diseases, but also is ideal for people with allergies and asthma. It is antistatic. Polar blankets İkikız keeps warm inside. Maintenanve is easier than many other  textiles. Surface does not keep the stain. It does  not change color in the sunlight, does not fad. Four seasons are available to use. With its very difficult and late flame feature, you can safely cover your babies without leaving behind your eyes. Inversely proportional  to lightness and volume, provides maximum

    Benefit, the extremely fast heating feature offers the user the highest efficiency that can be obtained from a product.

    Polar Blanket Ikikız has more than enough of all these features; not only protect and heat your body, but also, with in extraordinary beautiful colors and hand made laces which caressing eyes. you can use all productions as home accesories.

    Polar Blanket İkikız  will become your twin by integrating with your body and soul in natural, healthy, hand made, skin friendly products. It will always give positive meanings to your life

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