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    About Spa

    It is the name given to the therapies and treatments made with water with the general definition of SPA which originated from Roman origin and spread to different geographies over time. The SPA word mainly comes from Latin "Selus Per Aqua" meaning "Health from Water" or "Health coming with Water". With different uses of hot and cold water, it has become more comprehensive until today with its special music, decorations and various therapies. Spa massages and treatments, cleanses and takes care of skin, as well as removing the stress of the day, making you revitalize and relax. In addition to the centers and the venues where SPA services are offered, it is now possible to bring this joy home with the SPA products that have become widespread in recent years.

    Rest both your body and your soul.

    You can carry a healthy spa experience with some care and massages that you can easily apply at home to relax both your body and your soul. The extremely natural and special products in the SPA category of İkikız are both handy and elegant choices for skin care and bath.

    The handcrafted silk face and body pouches in the İkikız SPA collection are natural peeling materials. You can use 100% pure silk-finished pouches in Turkish baths, SPA complexes or at home. A single or set of pouches presented to your liking to experience the traditional pouch experience that purifies and revitalizes your skin does not contain any chemical or structured artificial material.

    Let’s come to the endless benefits of traditional silk pouches that arrive from the Ottoman Empire to today ...

    • Using the pouch in the body in the hot shower makes you feel comfortable by facilitating the blood circulation in the body.

    • Purifies your skin from dead skin.

    • Accelerates the subcutaneous blood circulation and prevents the formation of acnes.

    • It opens the pores in the skin and accelerates the renewal of your skin.

    • Provides your skin's natural and bright color.

    • It contributes to your immune system.

    • Lightens the appearance of cellulite.

    • It allows you to feel extremely peaceful and happy both in your body and in your soul.

    Pure silk pouches, which can be found in İkikız collection, is now the most recommended type of pouch not only in our country but also in the world. Another important point to keep in mind is that the pouch is a completely natural cleansing method and the application of the pouch to the body should only be done with clear water. You will feel the change in your body with the application of the pouch that you do every 10 days or once a month.


    You are very worthy, pamper yourself.


    We are all looking for different ways of relaxing ourselves in the intense tempo and run of everyday life. A SPA environment where you will create yourself at home is a way to throw away your stress and rest your body and soul. The relaxing music you play, fragrant candles and natural decorative materials to create a peaceful environment will both make you happy, and will help you to get all the fatigue and pain of your body.

    Enjoy the pleasure of the bathroom.

    There are also natural soaps and soap dishes in İkikız SPA collection, which will be the indispensable part of the environment you create in your bathroom. The natural ingredients of the soaps will add pleasure to your bath and provide many benefits to your skin. You can easily use natural soaps prepared with different extracts and without harmful additives for hair, face and skin care. Storing natural soaps in soap dishes made from natural materials instead of plastic or artificial materials is important for hygiene and use. İkikız also offers soap dish sets for you, which you can use both in your own bathrooms and a nice gift option for your health and care lovers. The 80-year-old natural antique juniper tree soap dish is an elegant accessory that you can use as an accessory to add an authentic feel to your bathroom. The soap dish made of the mulberry tree, which is surrounded by veins and a fragmented shape, also offers a different alternative. Soap dish sets consist of; Soap dish, natural healing soap, and lamine-covered jute fabric.

    Remember that you need to show respect to your body without forgetting that your body is yours, and of course, with an İkikız SPA product, give yourself an SPA ritual gift at home, where you can take your day off and relax.


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