Woodprint Peshtamal Bathrobe

100% hand made woodprint technique was used in fabric. Can be washed in washing machine at 30 degree temperature. Cannot be leached, dry cleaned, ironed or machine dried. With its easy to dry and high water absorption features, this product will be one of your favorites!
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Products specifications

30% Linen, 70% Cotton
S-M Size
75x55 cm
L-XL Size
80x57 cm
Natural, black wood printed
Package Included
1 Piece of Peshtamal Bathrobe
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    Product Description

    Our most favorite products are our bathrobe, linen cotton blend fabric and softness that surrounds the entire body. Though not as ambitious as towels, you can easily use it to dry in the summer months. You can use this product in combination with a mini jeans shorts after the sea, in cool summer evenings or as a morning dress when you wake up in the morning. The fabric is woven in hand benches, it can be produced 40-50 pieces maximum per day from this product, and the used wood printing technique is completely done with human power. In fact, this product is really something that a person should feel special. As Ikikiz is in all clothing products, this product does not use any substance, especially polyester, that will harm the body. The fabric content is entirely linen and cotton, and the paint content is also root dyed. The 2082 Pestamal and 2097 Clutch, which will complement this series, are ideal for those who like to wear a suit.
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