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    About Wool Blanket

    People's organic ties with animals are as old as human history. Communication, competition, coordination among the living creatures has never been lacking in the life cycle of millions of years. In this cycle, which is based mostly on nutrition, human beings have begun to benefit not only from the meat but also from the milk, fur, and strength of the animals over time. Anthropology says that the first animal to be domesticated is the wolf that is now the hometown of hundreds of dog breeds. The sheep is the second animal domesticated ..

    The roots of the textile that man has discovered, used, developed for comfort, sleeping, protection from cold, covering is based on thousands of years ago; The most important animal used for this purpose is wool obtained from the sheep.

    Wool, which is used in primitive conditions at times, is a very important branch of industry and textile in its own right nowadays. Clothing, upholstery and carpets, wool blanket, medical bandages, bandages, special clothing to prevent injuries, metalworking industry, fire fighting, parking areas, cricket fields, tennis courts, insulation are a few examples of the usage areas.

    The wool is this important that it is used on a very common scale and it is one of the closest friends of our sleep and our bodies .. And, the indispensable of our cncestors; wool quilts of our warm childhood memories are in our lives for a long time and they find their place as blankets in our homes.

    Let's take a look at the qualities that distinguish the wool blanket:

    Wool is the most reliable material, either for sleeping or for covering purposes. It is breathable material through the property that its texture has. It keeps and carries the humidity the environment has absorbs the humidity by 20% of its weight and emits heat during this process, which gives it the ability to control the heat. This is the reason why people who use wool materials in in humid weathers heat up. It is also an important advantage that the humidity it absorbs does not create a feeling of wetness to the user. Because of all these qualities, wool is the ideal product in energy saving. Even though the total tissue thickness is not that much, it still keeps the body warm. The air trapped between the fibers gives it this privilege so that there is no loss in the average body heat. It is perfect for heat insulation.

    The wool blanket radiates extremely low odor and absorbs the smell. It is soft, recycled in nature. It has a protective function that does not transmit electricity. It is very durable to fire, difficult to ignite, easy to extinguish.

    Wool products provide a deep and restful sleeping surface by providing a regular beating of the heart. It is the material that avoids dust mites which occur in the environment and cause various respiratory disorders. Can be used in all four seasons. It is not only for warming up, but also can be used for the decorations you can benefit from.

    However, almost like all other products wool blankets can be produced in different qualities. It is crucial that we have the Woolmark Certificate, which is the symbol of purity, quality and reliability in wool products so that the qualifications we have listed above can be obtained with full efficiency. To get the world's best-known certificate, the product must pass extremely difficult tests in The Woolmark Company laboratories. The performance and quality of the products subject to the test must meet the required standards in order to obtain this brand. Woolmark has the authenticity and offers the guarantee of the fiber content and the superior quality to the consumer of the wool blankets bearing this brand.

    İkikız’s privilege in wool blanket is to be entitled to the Woolmark Certificate, symbol and use in its products.

    Being pure, high quality and reliable is always good. You, always, deserve the best of everything. İkikız is also working and producing to be worthy to you.


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